Intuitive Consultations with Aamirah

What is an Intuitive Consultation?

An intuitive consultation with me is not fortune-telling or prediction of the future or a simple psychic reading. My method is a form of psycho-spiritual coaching using the five elements and wisdom of the Dagara cosmology. You are placed in the driver’s seat with me as your navigator. In other words, you are not a passive observer waiting to be told what to do, but actively engaged in the entire process through dialogue, affirmations, awareness and creativity. 

In connecting with your Ancestors, spiritual guides and Siura (highest self), we undertake an intuitive and spirit-guided journey to learn from the wisdom symbolized in the cards how to bring out your best self or address a pressing concern. You may need a one-time consultation for clarity of an ongoing dialogue to overcome stumbling blocks standing in your path. Either way, we will work together to reach to your fullest potential.

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to determine if we are a good fit to work together. We will discuss your main intentions for growth and transformation before deciding on a course of action. Let's talk!

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