Intuitive Consultations with Aamirah

An intuitive consultation with me is not fortune-telling or prediction of the future or a simple psychic reading. My method is a form of psycho-spiritual coaching using the five elements and wisdom of the Dagara cosmology. You are placed in the driver’s seat with me as your navigator. In other words, you are not a passive observer waiting to be told what to do, but actively engaged in the entire process through dialogue, affirmations, awareness and creativity.

During the consultation, we connect with your Ancestors, spiritual guides and Siura (spirit twin) and/or Kontomble, to undertake an intuitive and spirit-guided journey.  You may need a one-time consultation for clarity, or an ongoing dialogue to overcome stumbling blocks standing in your path. Either way, we will work together to reach to your fullest potential.

Currently there are three main forms of consultations offered:  Elemental Mandala Analysis,  Elemental Shells, Stones & Bones Reading, or Mediumship.  See the booking page for availability. 

My calendar (below) will indicate when I am open and available for divinations. Please check periodically as I may either be travelling or immersed in rituals at the East Coast Village. Thank you!

What is an Elemental Mandala Analysis?

During this session, we will explore your Nature Identity based on the Dagara Numerology system to understood how you are walking in this world from birth. This is required for all new clients who wish to work with me. This can be done remotely.  During this consultation, we will: 

  • Explore your unique qualities and characteristics mirrored by Nature herself
  • Extract your Elemental Signature™ encoded since you were born based on your birth name and date of birth.
  • Identify quintessential talents, strengths, and gifts inherent in your DNA
  • Reflect on behaviors and patterns within yourself as reflected in Nature
What is a Shells, Stones & Bones Reading?

At times, there may be significant issues affecting your life and blocking your path. This consultation is ideal as a follow up to the Elemental Mandala reading. During this consultation we will consult with the stones, shells and bones:

  • To explore a primary question/issue you are facing.
  • To seek answers as to Why, What, When and How to move forward.
  • To Prescribe personal rituals for you to perform in order to seek a resolution.
What is involved during a Mediumship Session?

Many may often think of mediumship as communicating with the dead. Mediums are channels for unseen forces. Hence, it may involve ancestors, forces of nature or spirit guides who are able to provide exploration into other realms using the medium as a conduit or channel. This method will be intuited based on the discovery call and requires you to be present during the divination or to have a proxy present who will engage in dialogue.

  • Explore a primary question/issue you are facing.
  • Consult with the spirit guides during a guided journey to seek answers as to why, what and how to move forward.
  • Prescribe personal, sometimes radical rituals for you to perform in order to seek a resolution.

Looking for direction on the next phase of your life? I can help.

Be certain to read the Terms of Service before making an appointment.

Disclaimer: You understand and agree that consultations or services conducted by Aamirah are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice for legal, medical, financial, business, or other purposes. You understand that all decisions made in these areas based on information provided by Aamirah are made at your own discretion and you acknowledge that any decisions or actions undertaken as a result of the consultations or rituals recommended by Aamirah are for informational purposes only and are undertaken at your own risk and personal responsibility.