A Dagara-inspired grief ritual is spiritual technology using the healing power of water to facilitate healing, peace and mending of our soul wounds.

How Wounded Is Your Soul?

Change is about embracing new realities, new opportunities, new truths, new transitions. What changes do you need to make at home, at work, in your relationships, your beliefs, or your health to change and grow today?

Card-a-Day Episode 1: Change

If the thyroid does not function correctly, it can affect every possible aspect of a person’s life.

What You Don’t Know About Your Thyroid May Be Hurting You

I’m often amazed when I ask young kids where the food on the table comes from and they tell me the store. And it’s not just the little ones, many grown folks have no idea the origins of the meals they eat daily.

Do you know where your food comes from? (hint: it’s not the grocery store)

Walnuts are one of the original plant-based superfoods that can carry sweet or savory flavors to satisfy snackers, add hearty crunch to salads or breakfast dishes and serve as a simple, whole-food meat alternative.

Go Nuts for Walnuts With These Plant-based Superfood Lunch Ideas

From a functional perspective, insomnia, circadian rhythm disruptions, or any sleep disturbance for that matter, are messages alerting to an underlying dysfunction.

What do you need? One simple question that unravels a web of dysfunction.