Hi, I'm aamirah!

I am an Intuitive Consultant and Ritual Leader who specializes in supporting women through transitional life stages to heal, honor and embrace paths to healing and connection to Ancestral Wisdom.

New! Initiation into BUKÔNGO

My mentor, Dr. Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka from the Democratic Republic of the Congo  (DRC) will make a special visit to the USA to initiate Africans in the diaspora in the Divine Mysteries of BUKÔNGO.

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I share insights on things that matter to me, on the five levels of being...body, mind, energetic, spirit and soul. Each level is important to our wellbeing, personal and spiritual growth. 

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I am a natural-born intuitive and use a variety of modalities to get to the root cause of what's blocking you. It all begins with a consultation. Book a free discovery call to get started.

Heal with the Elements 

The elements are inspired by the indigenous wisdom of the Dagara tribe of West Africa, offering ancient principles of ritual, healing and community for the modern world.

Just a Little Love...

Aamirah was on target about all of the issues in my life at this time. I could feel the energy from the start. It was very good!

Larry  Client

You are such an amazing person who walks so deeply in your gifts and always willing to share. So blessed to have you in my life!

Linda  Council Member

The wisdom you shared helped me overstand more about my purpose and confirmed the path I am on. I appreciate you!

Empress  Class Participant

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The Five Gates are portals to healing, meaning and purpose, and most importantly, reconnecting to “all our relations” who are tied to our sense of wholeness.

The Five Elements: Gateways to Healing & Wholeness

Visible wounds have their roots in the world of spirit. To deal only with their visibility is like trimming the leaves of a weed when you mean to uproot it. Ritual is the mechanism that uproots these dysfunctions. It offers a realm in which the unseen part of the dysfunction is worked on in ways that affect the unseen.

Ritual: Reach Back and Get It

In order to fully recover from the colonized mind, we must acknowledge and embrace the historical legacies of our ancestral lineages – by whatever race or culture with which we identify.

Are You Recovering From A Colonized Mind?