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The Five Elements: Gateways to Healing & Wholeness

COVID-19 has changed the way we relate to each other, to the way we connect with community, to the way we view our own purpose and place in the world. Even the way we approach our well being. Yet, despite the global pandemic, Nature is still teacher and master healer. Here’s why.

Nature (the natural world) is the ultimate healer. That does not change. Science has affirmed that to be so, even with the Zoom revolution allowing for virtual healthcare and meetups. What has changed is the way you walk in the world; the way you engage with others around you; and how much of your nature identity you remember and call on in times of shift and change.

The Elements: Gateways to Remembrance

Reconnecting with the healing power of Nature is not a linear process, nor is it sequential. It is a process of moving through the elements of the natural world – Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature – each acting as a gateway to discovery and remembrance of Nature’s tremendous restorative ability. These gates are portals to healing, meaning and purpose, and most importantly, reconnecting to “all our relations” who are tied to our sense of wholeness. Each element has the potential to move you deeper into the rabbit hole of remembrance where real healing can be achieved.

The Fire Gate: Who Are Your People?

The Fire Gate strives to address the question of your connection to the past, to your ancestral lineage, to your tribe. It is not about reconstructing and romanticizing the past or appropriating the traditions of contemporary tribal peoples. It is about remembering from where and whom you came. If you do not know from whence you came, you cannot claim who you are, and you are to become. Devoid of your ancestral past, you are at best a mere bystander, a philosopher in the process of change.

The Fire Gate is about rewriting “your-story” in the face of so-called history, encapsulating and reclaiming the journey of your tribe of origin.

The Fire Gate is the realm where you delve deeply into your own ancient roots to reach back into the past to reshape and redefine your future. It is a deep and immersive process that is not for the faint of heart. It involves deep dialogue with the fallacies of history, the forgotten stories not often recorded, and compassionate conversations with the colonized and the colonizer, the slave and the master, the oppressed and the oppressor.

The Water Gate: How Deep Are Your Wounds?

The Water Gate is the entrance to grief, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Healing your “soul wounds” – the shame, guilt, abuse, loss, and pain that have redefined who think you are. The Water Gate invites deep cleansing of unwanted energies that are detrimental to manifesting your purpose, and your gifts. It offers freedom from the colonized, enslaved mind, and regifting your soul with balance and inner harmony.

The Earth Gate: Where Do You Belong?

For generations, community served a vital role in terms of offering social support, a sense of identity and belonging. As our modern society moves faster and more detached from each other, it becomes more challenging to feel any sense of collective oneness and interdependence. This growing isolation leads to loneliness, depression and not to mention an increase in violent behavior, as well as racial, gender, sexual and other social conflicts.

We are social beings, we grow and exist in community, intricately connected whether we recognize that interconnectedness or not. The Earth Gate reconnects us to all our relations – humans, animals, plants and all the other beings who call the Earth home. 

The Mineral Gate: What is The Story in Your Bones?

We are all born with a gift and purpose – our soul’s contract, the reason we came into being. The journey into the modern world affords little remembrance of that fact. Society has forgotten. Our parents may have forgotten. But our bones remember.

The Mineral Gate, therefore, speaks to your bone memory, inviting you to remember why you are here. Why you chose to be here, in this time and place. As a symbol of communication, it also encourages you to give voice to the lessons of the past, the realities of the present and the hopes of the future.

The Mineral Gate invites you to unlock the mysteries, the gifts, the tribal memories imprinted in your DNA. In so doing, you feel empowered to take an active role in your personal healing as well as the planet we call home.

The Nature Gate: How Can You Manifest Your Fullest Potential?

Magic happens in nature. It is within nature that we open to real and lasting transformation. As the element of ongoing change, co-creation and manifestation, Nature reaffirms your authenticity, allowing you to stay true to your values in militant defiance to an unforgiving world.

Entrance through the Nature Gate is a launch pad into the deep mysteries of the mystical realm. The betwixt and between worlds where reality is about direct revelation and intuition. What you experience becomes your truth. Not what is recorded from someone else’s experience. Not what is written in the latest best seller. Not what is posted on social media. But what you have felt, seen, touched, and dreamed into reality. It is also through this gate you make connections with the helping spirits who call nature home.

Are You Ready to Come Home?

Home is where you are whole. Home is where you reconnect with your nature identity, and learn to stand in your personal power. When you are fully home, you can draw on your inborn strengths and ancestral wisdom to move through these times of uncertainty and change. You will come to understand that you are more than your body or your mind,  you are a reflection of the healing wisdom, shapeshifting potential and natural intelligence of nature that is within you and around you.

Welcome home.

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