Intuitive Consultations with the Tarot

The tarot is said to have roots in ancient Egyptian mythology and other ancient mysteries including the Kabbalah. An ancient Egyptian word translated as ‘royal road of life,’  the tarot is a path to self-mastery. Similar to the word for the Hebrew sacred text, the Torah, tarot reveals the universal principles of life that we must travel to reach our destiny.   

Whatever the origins, the tarot is laden with symbolism, a book of timeless wisdom disguised as a card deck.  In modern terms  – it is a GPS of the Soul. Reading the symbols of the tarot is highly rewarding as it offers universal symbolic language for communicating with the deepest aspects of your inner universe.  

What is an Intuitive Consultation?

An intuitive consultation with me is not fortune-telling or prediction of the future or a psychic reading. My method is a form of psycho-spiritual coaching with the Voyager Tarot deck. You are placed in the driver’s seat with me as your navigator, in other words, you are not a passive observer waiting to be told what to do, but actively engaged in the entire process through dialogue, affirmations, awareness and creativity. 

In connecting with your ancestors, spiritual guides and Siura (highest self), we undertake an intuitive and spirit-guided journey to learn from the wisdom symbolized in the cards how to bring out your best self or address a pressing concern. 

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to determine if we are a good fit to work together. We will discuss your main intentions for growth and transformation before deciding on a course of action. Let's talk!