Health is More than Diet and Exercise: It’s About Energy

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A lot of times, we get caught up in semantics. When it comes to being so-called “healthy” we all have different definitions of the term. Some of us become so fanatical about these beliefs to the point of self-obsession and projecting external judgment onto other people.

What if we were to see health and well-being as subjective and, personal?

Let’s just take a step back for a moment and ponder some basic physiology.

As human beings, we are open systems, meaning that we constantly exchange energy to and from our environment. We can define this energy using the five biological senses – everything we see, hear, smell, touch, and feel – is energy. If you’ve watched one of my presentations on the senses, you would have noticed that I identify close to 54 intrinsic senses!

But I digress.

Energy can manifest in one of its many forms and expressions. For instance, we take in energy in the form of food and disperse the resulting energy into our surroundings in the form of moving, talking, walking, and breathing. You’ve probably heard the phrase – “what goes in must come out”- well, that’s the flow of energy.

What’s happening when you have boundless vitality, are thinking clearly and feel good in general? That’s because the flow of energy is balanced and smooth. And, when you feel dis-ease or manifest symptoms of ill-health? There is interference at some point in the energy exchange.

Here’s a few examples to illustrate the point (from one of my favorite books, Wellness Workbook How To Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality by John W. Travis, M.D. & Regina Sara Ryan).Dr. Travis invites us to consider the energy flow system as water moving through a pipe:

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In this visual, everything is flowing smoothly. No visits to the doctor (or therapist), no pills to pop, good digestion, good state of mind, good rest and vitality. Life is good!

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Here a dysfunction (don’t we just love to use that word) presents itself – the energy source or input, is deficient, like a drought. Nothing is coming in. Physically this could be a nutrient deficiency. Or lack of activity. Mentally, this could be a life crisis causing the mind to shut down. Emotionally, this could be a lack of acknowledgement, or lack of acceptance by a loved one.

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Here’s another dysfunction in the energy system – contamination at the source. The energy coming in is polluted. Physically this could be eating ultra-processed food or foods to which you are sensitive and allergic. Mentally and emotionally, this could be a caustic relationship. In some circles, we would say “garbage in, garbage out.”

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Still yet another dysfunction – a blockage within the body itself. You may have all the right elements and good intentions, however, one of the body’s homeostatic control regulators is not functioning correctly. For example, within your body there could be an overgrowth of candida or leaky gut. You’re eating all the right things, but your diet is not making you feel any better. Or, the beliefs you hold about your worth and value prevent you from accepting the accomplishments which you’ve worked hard to achieve. Yes, I’ve been there.

Can you relate?

Truth is, we are beautifully designed to be well. Our bodies know how to heal, how to maintain homeostasis or balance, that is, keep the energy channel flowing smoothly. Sometimes we make life more complicated than it needs to be. If you don’t believe me, notice the countless options for the same item on grocery shelves, or the many bestselling books telling us what to do about the same thing. We are literally bombarded with facts about what to eat, what supplements to take, how to manage our emotions and how to cope with stress.

Let’s stop the madness!

If you want to know the “secret” to be a clear energy channel – befriend your body and mind and learn your own body’s language. It’s communicating with you all the time. When you aren’t distracted by all the expert knowledge and latest fads, you become in tune with the signals from your mind and body.

When you experience dis-ease or discomfort, it’s the body’s attempt to get back in balance, a feedback loop indicating that something isn’t working properly. That’s what I mean by body language.

As mentioned before, the dis-ease could be from a deficiency, a blockage along the channel, or pollution at the source. In some cases, the energy input is excessive, as in too much alcohol. These messages from your body may be a springboard to make some lifestyle adjustments; to communicate your needs more openly; or seek spiritual guidance. Over time, you’ll learn to trust these signals, recognize the guideposts and landmarks pointing the way to rebalancing the energy flow.

Sometimes it pays to be a little self-centered. Today is a good day to begin.



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