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A Message From Aamirah

Dear ones,

We are currently enveloped in broken system built on the fallacies of progress - what my teacher, renowned author and Dagara Elder Malidoma Somé, calls the “machine culture” - one which “eats at the psyche and moves its victims faster and faster along, as they are progressively emptied of their spiritual and psychic fuel.” (from Ritual: Power, Healing and Community).

As Westerners raised in an era of "progress and productivity", we often long for a deeper sense of connection to others, and to the simplicity of the natural world. As the founder of Five Gates University, I understand this longing, which is why I created this platform as a safe space to break down the walls of separation, division and disconnection

As we stand as witnesses (or victims) to cultural and political divisions; to climatic imbalances; to personal loss and trauma, surely you must be asking yourself – is this really progress? What can I do to be part of the change so desperately needed?

In response to that call, I am honored and excited to share the Wisdom Circle Leadership Program, an intensive virtual journey into the heart of our personal and collective dreams, minds, bodies, and hearts to revivify the ancient roots of healing circles. And to heal our families and community, one circle at a time.

FIVE GATES UNIVERSITY extends a welcome bridge between the ancient and the modern. Ultimately, ancestral and nature-based wisdom is every person's birthright. And, it can be recovered, lineage by lineage. For many, this will be the first step to personal psycho-spiritual recovery. And for others, a call to become keepers of wisdom and promote Elemental Rx, that is, healing with Nature. Most importantly, Five Gates is a platform to forge new circles of belonging in a digitally-driven world.

Please consider this an invitation to embark on a heroic journey of transformation, both for ourselves, our families, and our communities - to make peace with the past, to live joyfully in the present and build hope for the future – one wisdom circle at a time.

Welcome to Five Gates University!

The Foundation Series: Start Here!


Enter The Dreamtime

During this course, participants will be guided into a mythical world of symbols and sensory perceptions and gain understanding of the non-verbal language of the natural world. You will learn to induce altered states of consciousness at will, as a bridge to travel between the inner and outer worlds for clarity, manifestation, and wisdom.


The Nature Identity Method™

The Nature Identity Method™ seeks to connect participants to the forces of the five elements, both within themselves and around them. You will be guided to decode your Elemental Signature™ to uncover your hidden identity as a reflection of the natural world.


The Colors of Healing

During this course we will unlock the secrets to the colors of the natural world. Participants will be guided through a myriad of techniques in working with color to cleanse, manifest and support their wellbeing.

If the above classes are  closed, please consider joining the waiting list.

Wisdom Circle Leadership Modules

These modules are designed for those who have completed the Foundation Series and want to go beyond their own personal development and offer restorative processes to address the psycho-spiritual needs of their clients and community, what I call, Elemental Rx™.  If you have competed the foundation courses and have not received an invitation to join the Leadership Circle, please >>CONTACT ME.


Altars of Possibilities™

This course bridges the Dreamtime more deeply with Altar Work, that is, working with the elements as portals to connect with spirit to manifest infinite possibilities. You will be guided to create altars as sacred spaces to perform healing rites. You will learn how to use focused prayer (invocation) to address your intentions and elemental rites to achieve health and harmony. 


Objects of Power & Protection™

In this course, we will advance into creating personal and protective medicine tools. These are tangible objects, fueled by spirit, that allow for communication between you and your spirit allies. These medicine tools will function as charged objects of protection, connection and for raising your vibrational energy. 


The Soul Clearing Method™

This course seeks to “initiate” participants into the deep medicine work of clearing energetic blocks that manifest as mental, emotional, and physical symptoms, scarcity issues, family, and relationship conflicts or whatever your intention for wholeness and inner peace. You will be guided through the first stage of the Soul Clearing Method™ - the grieving ritual. This ancient rite alerts the ancestors to soul wounds that need to be healed in this lifetime, past lifetimes and for the next generation.


Wisdom Circle Design

In this phase, participants will put the teachings into practice. Members of the leadership circle will form triads – groups of three – whose purpose is to design and perform a ceremony based on the Elemental Rx™ method. 

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Morpheus ● the Matrix 

Radical Rituals In Nature :  Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

Culminating the virtual program, is an invitation to immerse in Nature and experience transformation at a cellular level. This takes the form of an intensive  encampment where participants gather in a village-like setting to perform radical, elemental rituals in the heart of the natural world. 

Being in nature broadens our perspective, and allows us see beyond the narrow confines of every day life. We are forced to free the mind from conditioned thinking and embrace that which is wild and untamed, both outside ourselves and within. In nature it is much easier  to experience connection with the magical power of the elements. Each element - fire, water, earth, mineral and nature - has the potential to move you deeper into the "rabbit hole", that liminal state where ancient wisdom is awakened.



This is a virtual program where participants are given access to a private member portal once enrolled. The portal includes course curriculum, discussion forums, and schedule for live tele-classes with audio and video conferencing via Microsoft Teams. To get the best out of the course, live participation is strongly encouraged. Foundation Series courses run for 4 weeks, meeting for 3 hours of live class time each week. Majority of the courses require materials that participants have to provide from nature or purchase separately from the tuition. There are also self-paced activities. The leadership circle courses will be an intense 4-month process, meeting every other week and which require more individual activity, and a deeper commitment. Please know that class will not be delayed if you do not complete your self-paced work. And live classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend. It's up to each participant to keep up the pace.


No. In fact, the basis for this program is to awaken bone memory within each individual regardless of ethnicity, gender identity or religious beliefs. Ancestors and Nature belong to everyone, no single culture holds the wisdom exclusively as their own. My work has been inspired by the wisdom of the Dagara people because it is a tradition with a core belief in the wisdom of the natural world and accessing help from the ancestral/spirit realm. And that wisdom has been found to be across culture, across geography, and across time and space.


While the leadership circle was designed to develop others with a desire to share this wisdom, it is not mandatory to participate only for that reason. The tools and techniques can be profound catalyst for personal transformation. By grounding yourself in natural magic, remembering your ancestral roots and connecting with Nature, you can manifest hidden potential in any walk of life. So feel free to take the journey just for your own personal development and spiritual awakening.


While we all may have good intentions to complete the whole process, life happens. In such cases, you may request your enrollment be placed on hold for the next round. Please be clear there will be no refunds, and credit will only be applied to the next release of courses following your suspension. Also understand that leadership requires commitment, and it speaks volumes to your clients and community if you do not adequately prepare to meet this expectation. Nonetheless, we will strive to hold each other accountable as that is part of being in community.

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