Card-a-Day Episode 1: Change

Today’s card is the EIGHT OF WORLDS – CHANGE

Let’s talk about change. Many of us are afraid of change. Change takes us out of our comfort zones. It strips away the familiar, the predictable and plunge us into the unknown.

However, change is necessary to maintain balance. And to grow.

Look around. Everything changes. Nature changes from spring to summer to winter.

Your body changes from childhood to adulthood to elderhood.

Your mind changes from dependency to self-reliance to interdependence.

So, the only constant in life is change.  

The positive side of change is gaining new skills, discovering new resources, becoming renewed, and avoiding stagnation. By embracing change, you get to call on skills and talents you never knew you had. The end result is growth, new opportunities

The negative side of change is moving too quickly and missing the lessons. Or not holding yourself accountable for the decisions you make, instead you blame it on change. Or becoming so wrapped up in the swiftly moving cycles that you seem fickle and unfocused.

Reflection: ask yourself, what changes do I need to make at home, at work, in my relationships, in my beliefs, in my health to change and grow today?

Affirmation: Today I embrace new realities, new opportunities, new truths, new transitions. Today I transform from caterpillar to butterfly, soaring on the winds of beginnings.

Ashe and Namaste!

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