Rediscover the Wisdom of Ancestors and Nature

This is an invitation to those who feel a deep commitment to the challenging work of grounding their lifeways in indigenous consciousness. Let's walk together in the way of the Ancestors.

Here are some of my programs. . .

Over the years, I've introduced followers to the basic philosophy and practices of the West African, Dagara wisdom tradition. Below are online courses I've taught and will continue to teach as they are simple, yet powerful tools to forge a direct connection with the Ancestors and Nature.

The Beginner's Guide to Dagara Numerology

Enter the Dreamtime

The Beginner's Guide to Casting the Stones

What Students Say...

So many things fell into place that I felt healed, forgave my mother for not being able to give me the medicine woman up-bringing I needed.

  • Class Participant

I loved my class! I wish we could have class every week all the time forever. You're an excellent teacher, Aamirah!

  • Class Participant

I took this class years ago, now I've learned so much more! Especially connecting with the elements in a whole different way.

  • Class Participant

Open the Door to Transformation...

recover your Ancestral wisdom

Many have been disconnected from their tribe of origin, often seeking a revival through "new-age" ceremonies and neo-shamanic traditions. Regardless of the gateway you enter, ancestral and nature-based wisdom is every person's birthright.

I have seen lost ancestral memory recovered and post-modern traditions established when ancestors and nature are invoked!
mend your wounded soul

In the interest of decolonizing the mind, it becomes necessary to examine the breaking points in our blood lines — those wounded places where our ancestors may have suffered loss of connection to place, community, language, traditions, and culture - which have been unknowingly passed down to us, replaying as physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease within each of us. 

I have seen the transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level as a result of reconnecting with ancestors and nature!
regain your gifts & purpose

For those whose indigenous roots have long been forgotten or suppressed, this an opportunity to recover the memory in your DNA; to revivify traces of ancestral wisdom within your lineage. It will be a journey to remove the masks used to cover up your authentic calling and purpose; to reshape your identity and restore ancient gifts hidden within your bones. 

I have seen new calling pursued when hidden gifts are recognized!

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