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Connect. Revive. Restore ancient wisdom for modern tiimes. Five Gates University is a portal for women to embody being one of the Daughters of Tenablu (Mother Earth) ...and pursue the healing wisdom of Ancestors and sisterhood!

Welcome to Five Gates University!

FIVE GATES UNIVERSITY is not an academic program, but a platform to awaken ancient wisdom within the heart of modernity. Since it was launched, FGU was a calling to together those who feel a deep commitment to the challenging work of grounding their lifeways in a state of indigenous consciousness; to recover their ancestral memory as a rallying cry against the dehumanizing grip of modern life. And it's back with that mission.

We are currently enveloped in broken system built on the fallacies of progress - what my teacher, renowned author and Dagara Elder Malidoma Somé, calls the “machine culture” - one which “eats at the psyche and moves its victims faster and faster along, as they are progressively emptied of their spiritual and psychic fuel.” (from Ritual: Power, Healing and Community).

As Westerners raised in an era of "progress and productivity", we often long for a deeper sense of connection to others, and to the simplicity of the natural world. As the founder of Five Gates University, I understand this longing, which is why I created this platform as a safe space to break down the walls of separation, division and disconnection

As we stand as witnesses (or victims) to cultural and political divisions; to climatic imbalances; to personal loss and trauma, surely you must be asking yourself – is this really progress? What can I do to be part of the change so desperately needed?

In response to that call, I am honored and excited to share the Wisdom Circle Leadership Program, an intensive virtual journey into the heart of our personal and collective dreams, minds, bodies, and hearts to revivify the ancient roots of healing circles. And to heal our families and community, one circle at a time.

Please consider this an invitation to embark on a heroic journey of transformation, both for ourselves, our families, and our communities - to make peace with the past, to live joyfully in the present and build hope for the future – one wisdom circle at a time.

the wisdom of the natural world

The Five Gates are inspired by the indigenous wisdom of the Dagara tribe of West Africa, offering universal principles of ancestors and nature. The gates of Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature act as portals of transformation, heralding a new era of healing and change for individuals, families, and communities, and have been doing so for thousands of years across cultures, across time. As a gatekeeper of the Earth Element and facilitator of many nature-based rituals, I have witnessed first hand the healing power of nature - which is everyone's birthright! No need to appropriate or assume another culture's tradition. Nature is the teacher.

gateways to remembrance

Within each element are tools to reconnect you with the healing wisdom of Ancestors and Nature. A challenging journey for those new to the path of invoking indigenous knowledge, and a welcome respite for those who long for a supportive community of like-minded travelers on the road to earth-based healing and transformation.

healing and reconciliation

The five gates approach represents a militant endeavor to herald change for ourselves, families, and community, especially in a cultural, political, and economically divided world. For many, this will be the first step to deep psycho-spiritual recovery. And for others, a call to become wisdom circle keepers with a bold effort to decolonize hearts and minds.

What Students Say...

So many things fell into place from hearing Aamirah’s words that I felt healed, forgave my mother for not being able to give me the medicine woman up bringing I needed.

  • Class Participant

I loved my class! I wish we could have class every week all the time forever. You're an excellent teacher, Aamirah!

  • Class Participant

I took this class years ago, now I've learned so much more! Especially connecting with the elements in a whole different way.

  • Class Participant

Why Join Five Gates University?

Five Gates University is a platform to forge new circles of belonging in a digitally-driven, individualistic world. It is a private social network where each member is participating in a self-selected course; are committed to building community; as well as pursuing self-transformation through ancient wisdom.  Does that resonate with you? Join us!

Plus, aside from the amazing community like-minded individuals, here are other reasons to join. . . 

recover your Ancestral wisdom

FIVE GATES UNIVERSITY extends a welcome bridge between the ancient and the modern. Many have been disconnected from their tribe of origin, often seeking a revival through "new-age" ceremonies and  neo-shamanic traditions. Regardless of the gateway you enter, ancestral and nature-based wisdom is every person's birthright. I have seen lost ancestral memory recovered and post-modern traditions established when ancestors and nature are invoked!

mend your wounded soul

In the interest of decolonizing the mind, it becomes necessary to examine the breaking points in our blood lines — those wounded places where our ancestors may have suffered loss of connection to place, community, language, traditions, and culture - which have been unknowingly passed down to us, replaying as physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease within each of us. I have seen the transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level as a result of reconnecting with ancestors and nature!

regain your gifts & purpose

For those whose indigenous roots have long been forgotten or suppressed, this an opportunity to recover the memory in your DNA; to revivify traces of ancestral wisdom within your lineage. It will be a journey to remove the masks used to cover up your authentic calling and purpose; to reshape your identity and restore ancient gifts hidden within your bones. I have seen new calling pursued when hidden gifts are recognized!

This Is The Power Of Ancestors And Nature.

This Is Five Gates University.

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